Modern Living Room Colors

ponedeljek, 01. september 2014

  You would like to add some colors to your living room and make it personal and a place of peace and relaxation but you have got no idea what colors to use and how to paint it. I bet your home is full of neutral or greyish tones and you are sick of wathing the same boring color all the time. You want that colors will excite you and inspire you right?! This modern living room colors article will give you the idea how to use colors and which color combination to use to make your living room modern.

  Here are some tips that might help you to get modern living room colors:

1) 60-30-10 Rule : is the most know rule when it comes to painting and decorating your home and using colors. It is the starting point to create modern, sophisticated and tastefull home,
60% should be the dominant color. This color is most of the time for walls and it is neutral color.
30% represent secondary color
10% represent accent colors. Good idea for using accent colors is to use strong, bold colors that really pop out.

2) Color scheme: best way to search for colors is to look in color whell. There you will quickly find complementary color, these color are the opposit color like red and green, violet and yellow...  These colors are for more bold people. Second colors analogues colors these are on the same side of color wheel, like violet and blue, yellow and orange. These colors are more rested and mutted.

3) Add one black object in the room. The black will instantly enhance all the other colors in the room.

4) Help with the pattern: if you don't know what colors to use just find the biggest pattern that you will have and look what colors are in it.

Here are some modern living room color that will inspire you:

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Cool Man Cave Ideas

petek, 22. avgust 2014

   Welcome men population on this home decor ideas site! This is a special post about cool man cave ideas just for you guys.

  When it comes to decorating, searching for furniture and choosing colors for your home I bet your wife has 70-90% of word in how your place will look. But all men have an idea of their own place inside the house, where there would be none female influence, a place called "man caves". A male sanctuary, a special room that can be made of spare room, a media room, a den, a basement or even from a garage. 

   A cool man cave is a place where a man will hang out with his friends and do man things, like drink bear and see a game.

  The best way how to decorate such cool man cave ieas place is to just think manly...that include sports, cars, bykes, leather, cigars, bier, pool, etc. everything that man likes, love and entertain.

  Here are some examples of cool man cave ideas:

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DIY Home Decor Ideas

nedelja, 10. avgust 2014

   Today I have for you some simple and nice DIY home decor ideas that everyone will find it beautiful. This decor tips will give you an idea how easy it is to change or add a nicer touch to your home. Every once in a while you have to make a difference in your home to make it more exciting. Perhaps now is the right time to take this DIY home decor ideas and do something with it.

 My New Home Deocr Page

   It is not necessery to use same items as here, perhaps you will find some old unused items in your home that you can expose to freedom. Becouse sometimes the nices ideas are the simpliest.

Minimalistic Home Decor

ponedeljek, 04. avgust 2014

If you are a lover of minimalistic home aproach, here is a great example of it. This minimalistic home decor idea comes from Stockholm. This is a gorgeous open floor plan, with lots of white, that give us airy and light feeling. The is modern, stylish and minimalistic home decor style.

6 Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas

petek, 01. avgust 2014

Would you like to make some changes in your life. Start with your living room. A center of your home where everyone gathers and have a great time. A place where you are the most of your time. Why don't you make it to your taste and if that is shabby chic you are on right place.

Shabby chic has got feminine floral, lacy fabrics and timworn details. You like this style?! This is how you get it :D

- Found old objects, can find a place and new purpose in your new shabby chic living room
- Go with bright colors, main white and add some hues of other bright colors that you prefer
- Add a hint of Europe in you shabby chic living room
- Minimalistic aproach will also go with this style
- Accessories will create a feel of shabby- so think old and choose used and old items
- Antique frame is one way to start shabby chic
- A must have is a chandelier in a shabby chic living room
- And when your friends will come over serve them in vintage cups