French country cottage decor

torek, 15. julij 2014

Do you like french country cottage decor? If your answer is yes that keep on reading.
This elegant and cozy style is right for you if you want that your home get that welcoming feeling for you and everybody else.
To create french country cottage style you need to look on your grandma attic perhaps there you will find some old and dusty furniture that want to see some new lights. How to create them beautiful and modern again? My best advice is to just paint them white. You can not go wrong with white. 
Find up to five such old pieces a caffe table, some old mirror, a vase, if you are lucky you will find chandelere. Buy some bright flower and pattern fabrick and sew some new pillows. And this is how you can create your own french country cottage style in your own home.

Some rules on how to create french country cottage style:
  • Natural elements
  • Mix different hues of white and bright like oyster shell, gray and taupe is perfect bright color palette
  • Distressed and weathered furniture
  • Oposite color
  • It must be, look and feel cozy - or it is not cottage style
  • Have some fresh bloom flowers
  • Layered and mixed patterns
  • Found old objects have their place in home
  • All old items can be repurpose and have different meaning like before

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