Diy home decor projects

ponedeljek, 21. julij 2014

   The cheapest way to get new furniture is to diy home decor projects. This won't cost you as much as getting 
new furniture, but not only that you can create exactly what you want. 

   What you need for diy home decor projects:
   What famous and trendy diy furniture makeovers now are:
Here are some diy home decor projects for you:

- a great ideas (that you can have it your self or look up the internet for inspiration)
- some handy skills or you can ask your partner for help

   Every thing else, the instructions you can get on internet or in handy books. There you will also get a list of stuff
that you need to buy if you want to continue with diy home decor projects.

- from old retro furniture - create new and funky one or
- from old wardrobe or table that is boring woody color -create a distressed furniture that looks shaby chic or
- give furniture or decor different meaning as from before
- sometimes using bold and cheerfull color will make a big difference or
- you cant go wrong with white color and painting

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