Diy Wood Projects

sreda, 23. julij 2014

   What a great idea it "wood" be if you will do some diy wood projects :D 
Cheap way to decorate your place with this beautiful natural material, will definetly be a great pop.
These 3 simple diy wood projets would be nice idea for you and your children. They are so simple and fun to do. 

   First we find a seahorse wall decor. What you need is to go out and find some wood. After that you need to create a shape that you would like to do it doesn't have to be seahorse. It can be a bear, cat, ...or anything you want. And that you just stick wood sticks in shape you want.

   Another fun project to do is wood lantern. With lots of small wood branches this is a bit difficult diy wood project, but still you should try it.
Source: Useful diy

Last one that is so simple it don't need any explanation :D
source: Rachael Ray Mag

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