6 Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas

petek, 01. avgust 2014

Would you like to make some changes in your life. Start with your living room. A center of your home where everyone gathers and have a great time. A place where you are the most of your time. Why don't you make it to your taste and if that is shabby chic you are on right place.

Shabby chic has got feminine floral, lacy fabrics and timworn details. You like this style?! This is how you get it :D

- Found old objects, can find a place and new purpose in your new shabby chic living room
- Go with bright colors, main white and add some hues of other bright colors that you prefer
- Add a hint of Europe in you shabby chic living room
- Minimalistic aproach will also go with this style
- Accessories will create a feel of shabby- so think old and choose used and old items
- Antique frame is one way to start shabby chic
- A must have is a chandelier in a shabby chic living room
- And when your friends will come over serve them in vintage cups

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