Modern Living Room Colors

ponedeljek, 01. september 2014

  You would like to add some colors to your living room and make it personal and a place of peace and relaxation but you have got no idea what colors to use and how to paint it. I bet your home is full of neutral or greyish tones and you are sick of wathing the same boring color all the time. You want that colors will excite you and inspire you right?! This modern living room colors article will give you the idea how to use colors and which color combination to use to make your living room modern.

  Here are some tips that might help you to get modern living room colors:

1) 60-30-10 Rule : is the most know rule when it comes to painting and decorating your home and using colors. It is the starting point to create modern, sophisticated and tastefull home,
60% should be the dominant color. This color is most of the time for walls and it is neutral color.
30% represent secondary color
10% represent accent colors. Good idea for using accent colors is to use strong, bold colors that really pop out.

2) Color scheme: best way to search for colors is to look in color whell. There you will quickly find complementary color, these color are the opposit color like red and green, violet and yellow...  These colors are for more bold people. Second colors analogues colors these are on the same side of color wheel, like violet and blue, yellow and orange. These colors are more rested and mutted.

3) Add one black object in the room. The black will instantly enhance all the other colors in the room.

4) Help with the pattern: if you don't know what colors to use just find the biggest pattern that you will have and look what colors are in it.

Here are some modern living room color that will inspire you:

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