Girls bedroom ideas

torek, 29. julij 2014

  You and your daughter should spend some fun time together while reorganizing and redecorating her room. Here are some great girls bedroom ideas that are fun, modern, chic and colorful. 

  Together you should look for these girls bedroom ideas and create a budget plan. With just painting the walls and adding new sheets could make a differenc. Take it a step further with modern chandelier for modern cushion pattern.

  Be an adviser to your daughter and spend a quality time together while planing new room. Put her in charge and leave some control to her and just have a great time.

  Pick a main colour that is her favourite. That colour should be dominant. Add asecond color that goes nicely with dominant color. And a nevtrals are white and black.
  You can combine colours in 60%-30%-10%.

Beautifull and modern girls bedroom ideas in violet

 Beautifull and modern girls bedroom ideas in tiffany blue and differernt black patterns makes it nice chic combination

Bright, airy and pinky girls bedroom ideas

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A how to draw a tree: source

Diy Wood Projects

sreda, 23. julij 2014

   What a great idea it "wood" be if you will do some diy wood projects :D 
Cheap way to decorate your place with this beautiful natural material, will definetly be a great pop.
These 3 simple diy wood projets would be nice idea for you and your children. They are so simple and fun to do. 

   First we find a seahorse wall decor. What you need is to go out and find some wood. After that you need to create a shape that you would like to do it doesn't have to be seahorse. It can be a bear, cat, ...or anything you want. And that you just stick wood sticks in shape you want.

   Another fun project to do is wood lantern. With lots of small wood branches this is a bit difficult diy wood project, but still you should try it.
Source: Useful diy

Last one that is so simple it don't need any explanation :D
source: Rachael Ray Mag

Diy home decor projects

ponedeljek, 21. julij 2014

   The cheapest way to get new furniture is to diy home decor projects. This won't cost you as much as getting 
new furniture, but not only that you can create exactly what you want. 

   What you need for diy home decor projects:
   What famous and trendy diy furniture makeovers now are:
Here are some diy home decor projects for you:

- a great ideas (that you can have it your self or look up the internet for inspiration)
- some handy skills or you can ask your partner for help

   Every thing else, the instructions you can get on internet or in handy books. There you will also get a list of stuff
that you need to buy if you want to continue with diy home decor projects.

- from old retro furniture - create new and funky one or
- from old wardrobe or table that is boring woody color -create a distressed furniture that looks shaby chic or
- give furniture or decor different meaning as from before
- sometimes using bold and cheerfull color will make a big difference or
- you cant go wrong with white color and painting

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French country cottage decor

torek, 15. julij 2014

Do you like french country cottage decor? If your answer is yes that keep on reading.
This elegant and cozy style is right for you if you want that your home get that welcoming feeling for you and everybody else.
To create french country cottage style you need to look on your grandma attic perhaps there you will find some old and dusty furniture that want to see some new lights. How to create them beautiful and modern again? My best advice is to just paint them white. You can not go wrong with white. 
Find up to five such old pieces a caffe table, some old mirror, a vase, if you are lucky you will find chandelere. Buy some bright flower and pattern fabrick and sew some new pillows. And this is how you can create your own french country cottage style in your own home.

Some rules on how to create french country cottage style:
  • Natural elements
  • Mix different hues of white and bright like oyster shell, gray and taupe is perfect bright color palette
  • Distressed and weathered furniture
  • Oposite color
  • It must be, look and feel cozy - or it is not cottage style
  • Have some fresh bloom flowers
  • Layered and mixed patterns
  • Found old objects have their place in home
  • All old items can be repurpose and have different meaning like before

Modern Living Room Ideas

ponedeljek, 14. julij 2014

   You are here because you are bored with your curent living room decoration. You are here so you can find and be inspired with new modern living room ideas.
   To get the perfect and new look of your old living room is to get complete new furniture interior design for living room. This way can be expencive, but if your old living room is 10+ years old, perhaps now is the time to remodern the whole thing.
  The other way for new modern living room ideas is to look for home interior ideas for living room and compare it to your furniture. Sometimes a chair is as good as new, only thing that is missing is new color or fabric. Perhaps your way to new living room is a bit DIY project and a smaller investment in couple of new things and you will get the look.
   You are lucky, because today you will see many home interior ideas for living room are:
- retro or vintage style : so you will need just a new paint color, and some sewing skils and a fabric
- rustic style : is also very popular style where you can combine very modern and minimalistic design with wooden and natury ideas.